Types of Wedding Venues

The wedding venue you choose can be almost anywhere. It can be a quiet little park for a more intimate wedding or it could be a huge, beautiful hotel for a larger wedding. When choosing your venue it should reflect on you as a couple and express your personalities while meeting your needs. You don’t want to look back on your wedding day thinking you chose a venue you didn’t like too much – so find the perfect wedding venue. There are all sorts of choices such as hotels, golf courses, historic venues, and parks. You just have to pick which is right for your wedding.

Weddings in Hotels

For their convenience, expertise, and all inclusive packages – hotels are the most common wedding reception locations.  Hotels are suitable for all sized weddings and the convenience here is that your ceremony and reception can be accommodated in one location by a fully qualified staff. You could have the wedding ceremony in the courtyard or somewhere with scenery around the hotel, then follow with your cocktail hour in the foyer and reception in the ballroom. You can even choose a hotel near home or close so you don’t have to travel far. All hotels have a professional and experienced staff to make it easier to attend to your needs. Another great thing about hotels is that they are convenient for guests to park and stay overnight in. If you have a reception that’s going to run late, guests don’t have to worry about leaving earlier to get home or having a designated driver if they are staying at the hotel.

Weddings on Golf Courses

A golf course can be a nice wedding venue for a smaller or quieter wedding. The outdoor scenery of a golf course possesses natural beautiful for photos – especially on a nice, sunny day. Make sure that you follow the proper advice for an outdoor wedding ceremony.  Golf courses are more unique than hotels and ballrooms, they offer a variety of greenery and layouts. Golf clubs have excellent catering for an inside reception to follow the ceremony and can offer perks like specialized hors’dourves and themed decor. Even some golf courses are licensed so that you and your husband can be married on the 19th hole, which also adds something different to your wedding. There tends to be something quite romantic about the nature and beauty of getting married on a golf course – enjoy it!

Weddings at Historic Venues

Castles, country houses, mansions, and stately homes are some of the many historic wedding venues. A historic venue such as a country house can add to the romance of your wedding. Being in the country with trees and nature all around could add to a more beautiful wedding ceremony or reception. Museums and gardens can also be a romantic venue to get married at. What can be great about getting married at a historic venue is that it may withhold a past or it may have been built many years back. If you want a romantic wedding, choosing a historic venue is the right choice.

Weddings in the Park

Parks are perfect for small, natural, and intimate weddings. You can choose anything from a large famous park venue to a local park near your home. Some state parks are huge to where you could have a lot of guests. There are many to choose from and they are all gorgeous sites. A park wedding can be formal or casual – your choice and it brings a creative aspect to your ceremony. You can also hold your wedding reception in a larger part of the park with a tent – this will bring ease and convenience for your guests. It’s fun for you and the guests to have your first dance as a married couple under the stars or on a pad of grass. If you both love being outdoors, then a park may suite you best.

Any of these wedding venues would be great for a ceremony or reception. Choosing your reception is about you as a couple and knowing that when you look back at it, you couldn’t think of a more perfect place to get married at. Your wedding is a reflection of the two of you and your wedding venue should be something that suits you as well.  Happy Venue Hunting!

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