Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

There are many low-cost or free outdoor locations to get married at. This is particularly great for summer weddings since parks, beaches, and friends’ backyards can be beautiful, free locations to recite your vows at. Historic landmarks and churches are generally low-cost venues in which you can have your wedding ceremony. You can also have your reception at a free outdoor location as long as you are willing to invest in a tent in case of adverse weather conditions.

Wedding cakes can add up to a lot of money and bakeries often double their regular cake price just for weddings. An alternative to the traditional wedding cake can be fancy cupcakes, dessert cups, a chocolate fountain with fruit and snacks, an ice cream sundae bar, or assorted truffles. This will save you money on a cake cutting fee, which is also usually a per person fee from the venue or caterer.

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