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Spring Wedding Ideas

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Spring is all about renewal, the world starts coming alive after months of barren trees, ice and snow. It’s about starting over again. Weather in the spring isn’t as constant as the summer months but the transition from winter to spring is always a bit tumultuous as the sun melts snow and the streams run deep again.
Springtime is also one of the ideal times to get married. Winter can give you a chance to do the bulk of the heavy wedding planning. Then as the flowers start to bloom, and the birds start chirping again, love and weddings fill the air! A marriage in the spring is the perfect way for two people to start their lives together.
Wedding colors in the spring usually consists of pastels ranging from light cherry blossom pinks to lavender shades of purple. Spring is about romance and that’s the best theme for a spring wedding for sure. But let’s take a look at other ideas that make a great springtime wedding.

Garden Wedding

Another romantic spring wedding idea is a garden wedding theme. Garden weddings should be held in the later months of spring when the weather is less likely to bring rain to ruin the wedding day. The wonderful things about a garden wedding theme are the props you can use to decorate the space and the flowers. Gardens in general have flowers so go for different arrangements to mix and match it up when creating your centerpieces. Also try benches for guests to sit on at the ceremony or for the reception lounge. Find a garden space for the ceremony and reception to do less work in decorating. Use what nature already has created for you. There are many ideas you can use for a garden wedding to make your wedding unique!


Speaking of delicate, romantic and spring, why not butterflies? Now don’t think your whole wedding has to bombarded with butterfly designs but a few elements about butterflies could really work wonders. If you already love butterflies, this is the theme for you. If you like them but aren’t sure how to incorporate them without looking cheesy think about the butterfly and do your research about them. Study the different colors on their wings and the patterns that catch your eye. Take a look at the different types of butterflies and which one stands out to you. Use these elements on your invitations and even for the cake decorations. If you are having a wedding reception in an outdoor tent, hang a butterfly chandelier creation. This wedding theme will have everyone’s hearts aflutter.

Whimsical Fun

A fun spring wedding idea is to add whimsical elements. Go for bold colors instead of pastels. Try a lush bouquet of pinks and greens and turquoise for something different. Play with linens with patterns or elaborate inlays. Whimsy means having an element of the unusual in the design of the wedding, something out of the box that will make your guests smile and look around in wonder.


What can be sweeter than two lovebirds getting married? Well, a wedding theme based on the lovely flying creatures. Birds can be cute but they can also be as wild as nature, like the raven. There are different ways to incorporate birds into the wedding design. For a vintage look use bird cages in the décor, whether on the tabletops or hanging overhead. Birdcage veils add drama, glamour and some mystery to a bride’s ensemble. Also use feathers and branches, which are items related to birds if you don’t want to use the look of an actual bird. Birdseed can be use for tossing after the ceremony has ended and the married couple leaves the altar. There are so many ideas with this theme it’s hard to go wrong. This theme is wonderful for a spring wedding!

Paris in the Spring

There is nothing more romantic than Paris. Paris and it’s beautiful bridges, language, buildings, food, people and just the perfect way the sunlight streams into the city is all about romance. Paris in the spring is something special. This wedding theme works in every way from a romantic ball gown, delicate macarons for a dessert table and a gorgeous color palette to work with. Don’t be afraid to throw in an Eiffel Tower decoration into the wedding design also.

Marie Antoinette Themed Soiree

To continue in the French theme, another wedding theme that works well with the pastel spring color palette is one inspired by Marie Antoinette. The palace of Versailles is stunning and opulent in all its glory with outlandish manicured gardens, elaborate water fountains and painted ceilings. They even have the infamous hall of mirrors, which King Louis XIV used just to admire himself. Extravagant? Quite.

This theme is uber-feminine in color and swaths of fabric. Try mini chandeliers to light an outdoor tent reception or crystals dripping from tall centerpieces lush with an abundance of flowers. Use colors like pink, lavender, cream, light-blues and especially gold. “Let them eat cake” at a dessert table filled with cupcakes, cakes and a tower of macarons. Think extravagance from choosing the wedding dress down to picking the table napkin and you are sure to have a stunner with this wedding theme idea!

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Engagement Gift Ideas for the Fiancé

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

If you have recently become a bride, let’s face it, you will be showered with gifts! Which is a really great thing. It’s an awesome perk about getting married. Your boyfriend gifts you with a proposal and an engagement ring. Then comes the bridal shower, bachelorette party and it doesn’t stop there. On the wedding day you get a gift from your fiancé once more and then of course the wedding gifts from the wedding guests.
But what about the groom?
Yes, he gets gifts too and one of them, most times, is an engagement gift. It’s a way to tell him thank you and I love you because he did give you the ring of your dreams (or tried very hard to) and chose you to be his lifelong partner. So what do you get your future husband? Shopping for a man is not the easiest thing to do, but if you know your future husband well enough (and you should), it helps to narrow down the options out there.
Here is a list of gifts you can get for your husband to be.


A watch is a standard, classic, foolproof gift for a man. Men don’t tend to wear much jewelry except for a ring and most likely a watch. Gift him with a quality, good watch that will last him for a long time. You can get help figuring out which kind to buy at a department store like Macy’s or Nordstrom’s or jewelry store that sells watches. Stick to something within your budget because even though it’s just a watch, these things can run up some big costs, depending on what brand you choose (Rolex anyone?).

If you are thinking of an expensive watch, since he got you an expensive ring then here are some popular brands: Rolex, Timex, Swiss Army, TAG Heuer, Omega, and Cartier or Breitling. Is your man more rugged and outdoorsy or an athlete? Try Casio or Citizen. There is a watch out there for any type of man so go shopping around.

To make it special, add an engraving to the back of the watch.

Video Game or Equipment

Guys love video or computer games. They will sit there happily with a controller or keyboard in hand and spend hours battling some pretend monster, happy to be the ultimate hero wielding a sword or shooting a gun that most times they don’t really own in “real life”. Get him the perfect gift for the gamer that he is. Get the newest console, or the newest game like the highly anticipated Halo 4 on the limited edition Xbox 360. Or get the Kinect and then you can eventually use it as well to play some non-shooter game when you both move in together as husband and wife.

Tech Gadgets

What man doesn’t love tech gadgets? And with an array of them out there from tablets, smart phones, TV, computers, computer stuff, and even cameras, you’ll have a great chance of finding something your man will love. Is he a devoted reader? Get him an ereader like the Kindle or iPad. You can get the iPad engraved as a special touch. Does he dabble in photography? Try a great brand like Canon. Do your research online or visit a store like Best Buy or GameStop to check out what’s there.

Sports Fanatic

Sports equipment and gear can be expensive and most likely there is one that your man has been eyeing out and been saving to buy, like a set of special golf clubs. Know your man’s interest and get something that will help him improve his game. If he loves tennis, invest in getting him the racket one he’s been dreaming of. Does he play basketball? How about those pricey shoes he’s been looking at for a while now but haven’t made the plunge to buy? Maybe he likes to collect sports memorabilia or even a pair of tickets to his favorite team’s regular season game would be an amazing gift for him. For football fans, add to his collection of jerseys so he can represent his team wherever he goes.

Grill King

Most men like to believe that they are the kings of the grill. If he’s cooking, it’s a great thing for you, especially if he really is good at it! Encourage your husband-to-be to keep practicing in the kitchen or on the grill by getting him some tools he really needs like a grill set. Personalize it by having it monogrammed or adding a monogrammed apron to the set if it doesn’t come with it already. This is a great gift for your fiancée who will really feel like the king of the grill with the right tools at his disposal.

If you are still unsure of a great gift for your fiancée, try taking him out to a special dinner or do an activity you both will enjoy together like a weekend getaway. You can also get him a bottle of his favorite wine or liquor that you can incorporate into a signature cocktail for your wedding.

When narrowing down the choices of gifts you can get your fiancée just remember the thing that will make him happy and get something he can use for a long time. Personalize it to make him feel special and don’t stress about it too much, remember, you still have to get him a wedding gift also. Happy shopping!

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Winter Wedding Ideas

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

A winter wonderland wedding is not usually the preferred choice of wedding themes. Popular wedding dates happen in the spring and summer because these are the seasons that symbolize new beginnings or just mean there is a chance of better weather for the major event. Weather is a big deal in planning a wedding. But winter weddings can be as spectacular as weddings taking place any other time of the year.
Some may think the color palette used for a winter wedding to be limited, but white on white can actually produce a stunning effect when used right. White isn’t the only color used in weddings. There is an array of rich bold colors that go well in planning a winter wedding. There are many ways to make a winter wedding amazingly beautiful as any other wedding taking place in the other seasons. It takes some creative thinking to use items not readily available in the major wedding seasons of spring and summer but it can be done!

Here are some great winter wedding ideas!


Snowflakes are all about winter and are intricate in design. They are the perfect design to be used in a winter wedding. The snowflake design can be used on invitations, centerpieces, favors, menus, the cake, linen and even in the flower bouquets. It’s important not too go overboard when placing the snowflakes but a little can go a long way.


That’s right, the thing you hang on a Christmas tree. You can use ornaments in a bowl for a centerpiece. They can be used as escort cards holders. They also make awesome wedding favors that guests can use year after year on their Christmas trees. Choose ornament colors that match your wedding and buy them in bulk at the store. How sweet! It’s important to use what you have around you, so think out of the box when planning a winter wedding.

Color Palettes

Most people think of the winter color palette as white and ice blue, but there are more colors to choose from. Think Christmas and it opens a floodgate of color combinations but don’t mistake Christmas for winter. Using too many holiday items will make your wedding look festive like Christmas, but not necessarily give you a feeling for winter. You can do red and gold, silver and gold, all shades of blue, black and yes, even a deep purple. Any color can be worked into a wedding palette, you just have to find the right items that work well together.

Let it Snow!

Usually, wedding photos are taken with gorgeous scenery, such as a setting sun or waves in the background. Sometimes the photos are lush with colors from the environment but what about winter wedding photos? There is something wildly romantic about wedding photos in the snow or in a stark winter landscape. Maybe it’s the frosted trees or the white dress in an all white background, but snow and winter lends a fantasy feel to wedding photos unparalleled with pictures taken in any other season.


There are flowers that still bloom in the winter, even though a large variety of the popular flowers are more available and affordable in the spring and summer seasons. But one way to make winter floral arrangements more affordable is to look for items that are more available in the winter and use them in ways you never thought they could be used for! Think of pinecones and berries because even though they are not flowers, they can still be used for stunning arrangements.

Tree Branches

Bring the outside inside by decorating your indoor winter wedding venue with tall branches frosted white and topped with twinkling lights. The branches can be used to line the ceremony aisle or be a backdrop. They can also be used as centerpiece ideas dripping with crystal to represent icicles.


Come to think of it, there are many fabulous favors you can give guests as favors for a winter wedding. You can hand out scarves or giveaway ingredients in a jar to make lovely winter beverages like hot cocoa. Even a pack of tea bags can be a warm gesture.


Speaking of warm gestures, how about adding some holiday favorites to the winter wedding menu such as hot chocolate, egg nog or hot mulled apple cider. Not only will it taste delicious and fit well with the wedding theme, your guests will appreciate something hot to keep them comfortable during a winter wedding. This is where you can also add a Smores dessert station or some fresh baked apple pie. There is a lot you can do with a winter wedding food menu, so do your research.

Winter wedding planning can come with it’s own set of challenges, say some really harsh weather conditions. But if you can tough it out there are some really fantastic ideas out there for planning a beautiful winter wedding.

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Wedding Nails

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Being a bride means looking your absolute best on your wedding day. The hair must be gorgeous and in place. Your skin should be glowing. The wedding dress and shoes should be fabulous and the fingernails and toenails need to be painted to perfection!
Nail art has evolved over the years to really embody the word ‘art’. There are different kinds of nail polish, a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from and embellishments like glitter or Swarovski crystals to add to the nails. Nail technicians are expert painters on a very small surface to work with, which makes their art even extra special.
Depending on a bride’s personality or wedding theme, the art on a bride’s nails can range from being really extravagant or it could be really simple. Some women love to embellish, others really do prefer a pale hue on their nails.
Most brides and their bridesmaids choose to do a mani and pedi day at the nail salon or spa before the wedding day. It’s their time to bond and have some fun before the chaos that happens on the wedding day itself. Sometimes brides will want to have her bridesmaids have the same nail design for a unified look. Some brides will not care what their bridesmaids choose to wear on their nails. It just all depends on the bride.
Let’s look at some popular wedding nail designs!

French Manicure

Tried and true, the French manicure is the classic wedding nail design. A French manicure’s iconic look is a painted white thin strip at the top of the nail. It is still a favorite of brides because it is an elegant and understated design. Today there are many ways to play up a French manicure. You can choose different colors for the thin strip including metallic colors, pastels, glitter or rhinestones. You can even use foil. There should be a nice contrast between the first nail polish coat and the thin strip. Play it up and be creative!

Simply Elegant

A fabulous way to add just a little twist to a bridal manicure or pedicure is to add nail art on just one or two nails. A very sweet design is to add a design of a ring band on the left hand ring finger nail. If you aren’t someone who likes too much nail art this may be the perfect look for you! The symbolism is obvious and it is very elegant.

Match the Shoes

If you are going to have all the bridesmaid have the same color and designs on their nails for the wedding, then why not have them match the color to their shoes (but of course the shoes should all be the same as well). You can just use a plain color to polish the nails or take an element of design from the shoe to incorporate into the nail design as well. This is great way to add a pop of color. Try a bold pink or red for the fingernails or toes, or both and have some fun!

Pretty in Pastels

Don’t want to do much with your nails? Then pick a neutral color or a very delicate pastel color that won’t distract from the look of your wedding day ensemble. You can’t go wrong with a lovely shade of nude or light pink. As the saying goes, ‘less is more’.

If you are a girl who never gets her nails done and is adamant about not having them painted, you should still go to get a manicure and pedicure. A manicure will leave your hands feeling fabulous and a nail technician can trim your nails and clean up any cuticles or hang nails that look unsightly. Remember, photos will be taken of you on your wedding day. Some of those photos will be close ups of your hands holding the bouquet, rings or your husband’s hand.

You can always choose a clear top coat polish to paint over your natural nails. This way you can still look fabulous even though you choose to go au natural.


Rhinestones can be added to your toenails or fingernails and the result can be amazing. In order not to over do it on the rhinestones, pick a certain toe, like the big toe to display the rhinestones. Or, pick the ring finger to add some sparkle. If you want every finger to shine, pick a neutral base color for the polish.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are definitely for the girl who can wear long nails and loves to wear them. Acrylic nails glued onto the natural nail. Women can choose their desired length, usually it’s made to be longer than the natural nail length. Once applied, the nail technician can do many things with the nails. They can add polish, glitter, rhinestones, and even charms. They can also be airbrushed with a design. This look is for the bride who is not afraid to go bold.

Though it is glued to the natural nail, any amount of vigorous physical activity can break the acrylic nail off or rhinestones can be knocked out. Once you have the acrylic nails on, take it easy and don’t ruin them before the big wedding day!

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Unique Card Box Ideas

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

There is so much that goes  into a wedding, sometimes you can forget the small details such as the card box. The card box is created for your guests to be able to drop off their congratulatory wedding cards on your big day. But who would want just a plain old box when they can decorate it to fit their theme! Here are a few unique card boxes that we have seen, we hope that some of them spark your interest.

Bird Cage

Since birds are trending in 2013, it is no surprise that a bird cage would make their way into card box designs.


A house is not a home until there is love and happiness in it. Good thing that weddings are full of both!

Log/Tree Stump

This one is great if your wedding has a nature/outdoors theme.


Inspired by the Pixar film “Up”? Make your card box a mail box and decorate it however you see fit!


This one is perfect for a destination themed wedding.

Treasure Chest

The best kind of gifts are hidden, in a treasure chest perhaps!

Wedding Cake

Whether you have a wedding cake or not, this will make for a very cute card box, but make sure you don’t mistake it for the edible wedding cake!

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Wedding Countdown: How to Relieve Some Stress

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

There are no ifs or buts about it: planning a wedding can be very stressful, especially when there are only a few weeks before the big day.  Couples preparing to get married are under pressure from all sides when planning a wedding.  They can get bombarded with opinions from their family members, friends and from their future spouses as well.

It’s easy to forget when the stress builds up to the point of distraction, the reason why a wedding is important in the first place.  A wedding is about the joining of two people very much in love.  Tensions can get so high that bickering can ensue even between the two people “very much in love”.

What can couples do to relieve the stress leading up to the big day?  Let’s take a look at some ways to unwind to make sure the future Mr. & Mrs. can enjoy the days leading up to their wedding day.

Just Breathe

Even with the most meticulous planning, something can go wrong.  Little problems can seem major and send the bride or groom into a tizzy.  The bride and groom may need many moments to just breathe.  Literally speaking, taking deep breaths is a way to cope with any kind of stress in life.  Planning a wedding is just one of those times that stress is heightened for however long the wedding planning takes place, which could be a year (more or less).

The bride doesn’t only get pressure from all sides, she ultimate puts pressure on herself as well.  Brides tend to strive for perfection when planning their weddings from wanting to lose weight, having the perfect ceremony and reception, down to wanting the perfect color of the ink on the invitations.  Such desire for perfection can make anyone lose his or her sanity so it’s very important to take a deep breath and sometimes just let go.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

This can make a very big difference in the wedding planning process. Hiring a wedding coordinator means an added cost to the wedding budget but it’s a wonderful investment to ensure peace of mind for the bride and groom.  Wedding coordinators are with the wedding couple every step of the way to help flesh out their ideas, keep things organized, and help in contacting or researching vendors.  The best thing of all is that on the wedding day itself, the coordinators take control of the preparations while the bride and groom concentrate on enjoying their day.

Date Night

Soon to be spouses that are planning a wedding need to stop for a moment and catch a breather.  What better way to do that than a date night?  Catch a dinner and movie or go for drinks and dance the night away.  If need be, take a little weekend getaway trip.  Couples need to reconnect before they disconnect and remember why they decided to marry each other in the first place.


The importance of delegating tasks in the scheme of wedding planning isn’t stressed enough.  Some brides want to control everything with the wedding planning process, which is fine because it is their wedding, but when help is needed, ask.  That’s what bridesmaids and friends are for!  Spouses should divide the workload so the stress is shared and brides need to let go of some control before they explode under the pressure.

Get Organized

Brides do not need to go out and buy a fancy wedding planner organizer, though one would be helpful and couldn’t hurt.  A good notebook or binder with room to keep invoices, notes, magazine photos and a calendar will suffice.  Being organized will temper the stress of wedding planning a great deal.  Also having all the information in one place is helpful to have when meeting with the vendors.

Spa Day

A fabulous way to de-stress and unwind is at the spa.  A massage will help loosen the tension in muscles, and help clear the head of anyone who is stressed out.  It’s a great way to spend time by one’s self to breathe and let go of thoughts that are negative and frustrating.  Make it a girl’s day out where a vent session can take place between confidants because talking it out is a good way to relieve stress also.  Wedding planning is a big undertaking and it’s an emotional one at that.  Wedding couples should take care of themselves because they deserve it.

Wedding planning can be very stressful, especially when there is only a month to go and time is winding down.  Tensions can flare up, and little problems can be blown out of proportion, but it’s important to remember why the wedding is happening in the first place: love.

Couples need to take the time to unwind and de-stress for their sanity and those around them.  On the day of the wedding they will see that the stress, hard work and preparation was all worth in the end.

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Ten 2013 Wedding Trends

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

2012 is almost coming to an end and we must start preparing for the upcoming 2013 wedding season. Every year the wedding industry brings new innovative ideas for brides to utilize for their big day. We absolutely love helping brides execute these creative ideas into a reality. Here are 10 wedding trends that we believe will be popular for next year!

The Reception Lounge

Once the reception program is over, all of your guests are either enjoying more of the delicious food and desserts or getting their groove on on the dance floor. A new trend we’ve seen is creating a lounge space for the guests to enjoy as well. You can create the environment to match the theme of your wedding and once your guests are all danced out, it’s a great place for them to prop their feet up and relax.

Image 1 via Bella the Magazine


Wedding dresses aren’t the only thing that are becoming lacier. Lace is becoming very popular as add-ons to your programs, bouquets, and even your wedding cake! It definitely creates a more vintage feel to your wedding.

Image 2 via Heart Love Weddings

Virtual Guests

Do you have friends who live half way around the world, who would love to attend your wedding, but just can’t afford to make the trip out there? Now with technology becoming so advanced, your guests can join in via the internet. If your wedding is on a budget and you can’t invite everyone of your friends, webcasting your wedding ceremony is an option as well.

Image 3 via NC Triangle Wedding

Extended Wedding Reception “After Party”

Who says the wedding has to be over after the reception? “After Parties” are becoming very popular lately, especially for the younger couples. Once all of the older crowd has gone to sleep, the couple and their friends can either see if there is a smaller space that the venue can provide or move the party to a club or lounge close by.

Image 4 via Brodie Foto


These adorable creatures make for great center pieces, cake toppers, and even boutonnieres. They are called lovebirds for a reason!

Image 5 via Inspired Bride

Food Trucks

Food trucks have become very popular over the last few years so its no surprise they are making their way into the wedding scene. There are so many different food trucks to choose from and you can have the food truck be part of your appetizers, main course or even desserts. The fact that the truck is “mobile” allows them to set-up shop pretty much anywhere which is great for a wedding.

Image 6 via Green Wedding Shoe

The Color “Mint”

Mint was very popular this spring and summer, and from doing our fashion research, we believe it will still sneak its way into 2013 as a great color for your wedding. Everything from your center pieces and decor to your bridesmaid dresses, it is a very versatile color you can dress up or down.

Image 7 via Green Bride Guide

Vintage Inspired

It’s time to pull out all of those old black and white wedding photos of your great grandparents and that type writer that’s been sitting in your attic for decades. Vintage theme is going to become even more popular in 2013, and there are different rental companies that will allow you to rent vintage furniture and accessories for your wedding.

Image 8 via Green Wedding Shoes

Mini Foods

When it comes to appetizers and desserts, mini’s are the way to go. This allows your guests to try a little of everything you’ve provided and  it makes for adorable photos. Just make sure theres is enough to keep your guests satisfied!

Image 9 via JLM Couture

Do Your Own Thing/Offbeat Wedding

This is by far the funniest new wedding trend we have seen. If you and your partner are avid Harry Potter fans or die hard “Trekkies”, then make that a part of your wedding. Have your groomsmen dress us like storm troopers or have the officiant finish off the ceremony with a light saber dual. This is definitely not your traditional wedding, but more and more couples are starting to get very creative with their big day to surprise their guests and make it the most memorable day ever!

Image 10 via Zank You

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The Sweetheart Table

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

In the past, wedding couples sat at a long table, usually with the whole bridal party on either side of them. The table, which is called a head table, was elevated on a platform or stage and the wedded couple sat facing their wedding guests as they dined and commenced with the wedding program. This still can be seen at weddings today because it’s a convenient set up. It’s also quite useful to have the bridal party in one place. You never know when the bride will need help from her bridesmaids throughout the night.

There is another popular seating arrangement that involves only the husband and wife couple and it’s called a sweetheart table. A sweetheart table is strategically placed somewhere in the reception space that will allow the couple to have a little privacy and yet still be able to watch the festivities and mingle with guests. It allows them to dine in some relative peace. It also grants the couple some time for them to take in their special night together. A sweetheart table for the wedded couple also allows the bridal party to disperse and sit with their own friends and family, which may be more comfortable for them.

The sweetheart table is a fairly simple concept which includes one table and two chairs, one for the Mr. and the other for the Mrs. The table is usually decorated quite simply since it’s only a small table for two people. But depending on the style of the wedding and the couple, the sweetheart table décor can be quaint or extravagant.

The point of a sweetheart table is to help bring some intimacy to the couple because a wedding with two hundred people attending can feel anything but intimate. This is a great way to help the couple connect with each other and their guests on such a special occasion. It gives them a chance to really breathe also.

Let’s take a look at some stylish ways to decorate a sweetheart table.


A wedding couple that revels in having all eyes on them could well likely dress up their sweetheart table in extravagance. Some props that can be used in decorating the table are spotlights, dripping crystals, candles, chandeliers, tons of flowers and fabric and maybe even a canopy.

Before going over budget trying to decorate this small table, think about how long you will be seated in the chair. Probably not for long! The wedding festivities usually require a wedded couple to dance, make merry, and mingle. By the end of the night your feet would hurt because you barely sat down at all, except maybe to take a few bites of your dinner. If you are going for glamour, just remember to keep it practical. A few pieces here and there will work but don’t throw all of it into one small table.


As if you needed to remind everyone at the wedding why they were there in the first place! Why not remind them all night buy placing a sign at the sweetheart table? You can personalize the table by using wording such as “Mr. & Mrs.” or “Just Married” on the table or on the backs of the chairs. You can also use phrases such as “And they lived happily ever after”. Get creative and use block letters to make a real statement.

Small Flower Arrangements

A sweetheart table is a table fit for two so be sure not to encumber the tabletop with so many things that you can’t see over the hedge, so to speak. Stick to small table arrangements that you can see over and go for bold colors to give the tabletop that extra kick. Small flower bouquet and candles will add to the romantic vibe that the sweetheart table is supposed to instill on such an occasion.

This is the first night you and your new husband are married so privacy is important but you don’t want to alienate your guests also. A smaller floral arrangement will make the table seem more approachable and your guests are more likely to come over and say hello if you aren’t hiding behind a towering display.

Combination Sweetheart and Head Table

Can’t do without your bridal party? Then keep them around you by adding two smaller head tables on either side of the sweetheart table. This way you can still have some privacy with your spouse and yet still have your bridal party nearby if you need anything. Keep the set up simple because it is a lot of table space to decorate versus decorating only a sweetheart table.

The sweetheart table is meant to give the newly wedded couple some privacy to enjoy their big night and rightly so. It doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone to have a sweetheart table. Talk it over and really think about what you envision on your wedding day. Do you want to be surrounded by your bridal party or be given some space? Either way, remember to steal some moments between you and your spouse and to also make sure your guests know that you appreciate them being there by spending some time with them too.

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20 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Every bride needs her entourage and that is exactly what bridesmaids are for! They are the girls that come with you to the bridal shows, the fittings, and who can forget, the bachelorette party. Obviously with all of this parading around, these women need some swagger to let everyone know which bride they are rooting for. Gifts are also a great way to “pop the question” to your girls about becoming your bridesmaids. Here is a list of 20 great bridesmaid gifts that you’re friends are going to absolutely love.

Personalized Tote Bags

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Image 2 via Etsy

Jewlery Box

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Image 4 via Bridelicious

Make-Up Bag

Image 5 via Etsy

Bridal Party Apparel

Image 6 via Niks Naks

Flip Flops

Image 7 via Etsy

Shot Glasses

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Image 9 via Etsy

Bottle of Wine

Image 10 via Etsy

Photo Frame

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Image 12 via Preston Bailey


Image 13 via Wedding Stand


Image 14 via Wedding Window


Image 15 via Sorority Sugar

Gift baskets/Survival Kit

Image 16 via Blushing Bridesmaid

Spa Treatment

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Image 18 via Wedding Channels


Image 19 via My Wedding

Creating Personalized Perfume

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Top 20 Wedding Favors

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

So you’ve booked your venue, DJ, photographer, videographer, and caterer, now what’s left? Oh that’s right, wedding favors!! Wedding favors are by far my favorite aspect of a wedding. You are able to add your own personality to these gifts for your guests to enjoy! The favors can be ordered through a company or DIY (Do-It-Yourself). They can also double up as escort cards as well. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it!! Your wedding guests are going to love anything you let them take home! Here is a list of Planning Elegance’s Top 20 Wedding Favors.

Mason Jars

Image 1 via Blog Spot

Cake Pops

Image 2 via Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats

Unique Flavored Lollipop

Image 3 via Bridesmaid

Personalized Coasters

Image 4 via Favors in the City

Cups/Shot Glasses

Image 5 via Wed Web Talks

Wine Stopper

Image 6 via Ready or Knot Wedding

Salt and Pepper Shaker

Image 7 via Creative Wedding Favors


Image 8 via Sonjal Shah


Image 9 via Marney Cakes

Bottle Opener

Image 10 via Evrim Iooz Photography

Personalized Playing Cards

Image 11 via Wedding Favors Unlimited

S’mores Set

Image 12 via Style Me Pretty

Hot Chocolate Set (Winter Weddings)

Image 13 via Banff and Canmore Wedding Planner

Recipe Cards

Image 14 via Elizabeth Ann Designs

Wedding Ornament (Winter Wedding)

Image 15 via Wedding Bee


Image 16 via Green Wedding Shoes

Donating to Charity

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Image 18 via Mossy Creek Soap


Image 19 via Juliet Maries Romeo


Image 20 via Wedding Favors to Love

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Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Wedding table centerpieces are one of the most exciting things to design when it comes to planning a dream wedding. This is where wedding couples or the bride can play around with ideas and be really creative in coming up with a tabletop dreamscape. Designing the centerpieces can also be one of the most frustrating and daunting things to tackle if you have no clue in what direction you want to take. There is such an array of flowers and ideas to choose from, where would you start? Would you want to use flowers at all?
Most centerpieces include flowers that come in a flourishing, towering showpiece or small arrangements just to accent the table. There are some wedding couples that choose to go minimal with flowers or with no flowers at all. It’s all about preference.
One option that can lessen the burden of creating a specific floral centerpiece is to incorporate the use of candles in the tabletop design. The use of candles, whether real or battery operated LED votives can really cut down on flower costs and yet still make a wonderful design statement at your wedding reception.
There is nothing more romantic than dining by candlelight and weddings are all about the romance. Let’s take a look at five different ways to use candles in the wedding table centerpiece.

Floating Candles

Floating candles have been used in wedding tabletop designs for many years now and the look never fails to impress wedding guests. This centerpiece is easy to create. All you would need are floating candles, water, clear vases in different sizes and some loose flower blooms. You can also incorporate different flowers, leaves, stems, rocks, and colors into the vase to make the centerpiece more interesting.

A remarkable way to showcase floating candles is to present them in cylinder glass vases of different heights. Floating candle centerpieces can be made into a DIY project for the bride and her team of wannabe florists. If going with a professional florist to help you with this centerpiece then ask if you can rent the vases instead of purchasing them which could save you a dime or two.

Cluster of Candles

Similar to the floating candle arrangement but without all the water, a cluster of candles is another option for a non-floral centerpiece or as an addition to a floral piece. When using a cluster of candles, floral centerpieces don’t have to be large or overpowering, even just a sprinkle of petals around the candles can be beautiful. Again, it’s great to implement different heights of candle vases, including unique holders like mason jars, pillars or vases with texture on the surface. Candles come in all shapes, scents and colors so it is a versatile way to decorate a wedding tabletop.
Be sure to consider LED candles to light up your wedding guests tables for the big night. Real candles blow out easily, especially outdoor weddings and may need re-lighting multiple times during the night where as LED candles run on batteries. Also LED candles can usually be rented from your florist as well.


Perfect for a rustic fall wedding or a beachside summer wedding, candle lanterns personify romance. Depending on the type of lantern you use, it can bring out a specific mood for your wedding design: exotic, vintage, festive or even classy. Another alternative to the lantern is placing candles in a birdcage, which is quite unique and perfect for the shabby chic-vintage wedding theme. Placing candles in lanterns is a stylish way to decorate wedding guests tabletops. This selection is great for the wedding couple that isn’t afraid to step out of the box and try something new.

Hanging Votive Candles

A distinctive and beautiful way to incorporate candles into a centerpiece is to hang small votives or tea light candles onto a centerpiece with Manzanita branches. To add more drama to Manzanita branches, you can add dripping crystals and flowers as well. The look is minimal and different but spectacular nonetheless.

Tapered Candles

Tapered candles are long and thin, calling to mind days of old when dining took place in a drafty hall in a large castle or mansion. Today, tapered candle displays can help create a theatrical wedding tabletop design.
This particular arrangement is striking when organized on a long table in one straight line of candles. It also works well on round tables with intricate candelabras. There are a few other creative ways to display tapered candles. One idea that will impress your wedding guests is to use empty wine bottles as candleholders. Another fun idea is to find different candleholders in different shapes and sizes and line them down a long table.

Candles are a great design piece to keep in mind when creating your wedding centerpiece. It is a fantastic alternative to a large flower arrangement if you opt to go flowerless. It can also enhance flower displays by adding some dramatic lighting to the table design. Whichever way you choose to decorate your wedding tabletop using candles, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful flames of light.

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Signature Cocktails

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

There are a variety of ways to infuse your personality into your dream wedding. One fantastic way to do this is to serve up something delicious and palatable in the form of a signature cocktail at your wedding reception.
If the wedding is held outdoors in the heat of summer serving a signature drink will help keep guests cool. It can also be a refreshing welcome drink for wedding guests before the ceremony gets underway. Something cool like water infused with sliced lemons or oranges can do the trick, or a tall glass of iced tea may seem more like the thing to serve to parched guests before a ceremony but afterwards, a cocktail will definitely get the guests in a celebratory mood. It’s a great option to look into if you want to keep your guests comfortable at an outdoor wedding but its perfect for any type of wedding.
Signature cocktails are usually served during cocktail hour as the bridal party and families step off to the side to take more wedding pictures. This is the time when the party gets started and the wedding guests who are waiting for the reception space to open can mingle, have cocktails, appetizers and start to really let loose.
If having a full open bar is totally out of your budget, then choosing a few signature cocktails is your best bet. Pick two or three signature cocktails to add to the menu, and then include one or two types of beer and wine without breaking your wedding budget. Choose drinks that have some meaning to the both of you as a couple or pick drinks that you know you absolutely love and know your guests will enjoy too.
Another way signature cocktails become a great addition to a wedding reception is in the color they provide. The infusion of color is minimal but the drinks lend enough pop of color to add to the ambiance of the festive occasion.
Let’s take a look at some fun, colorful and tasty signature cocktails that make a great addition to a wedding reception.

The Mojito

This Cuban drink is perfect for a wedding held outdoors or indoor. The lime infused alcoholic drink is really refreshing on a hot summer wedding day. Mojitos come in various flavors, a great one being the Passion Fruit Mojito, which is light, sweet and citrusy at the same time. The Mojito comes in a variety of fruity flavors which also means they are a colorful drink.
A great tip for making your signature cocktails look great is to garnish the drinks using fruits like berries, lemons, oranges wedges, and  grapes. Try also sprigs of mint or a cinnamon stick to decorate the glass.


Sangria is a fantastic signature drink to add to the wedding cocktail hour menu. It’s a drink that orients from Spain and is prepared with wine and chopped fruits, usually served from a punch bowl. Other ways to serve it is in a large glass pitcher or glass jug perfect for a rustic inspired wedding. The rich colors of the wine and fruit adds great color to any table.
Keep in mind to serve signature drinks in unique containers to wow your wedding guests. Use mason jars, and glasses with unique shapes (tall, square, champagne flutes), or bottles.


What’s a wedding without champagne? Since champagne is a staple at every wedding, order a few more bottles of bubbly and create a signature cocktail for guests to try. One way to dress up some champagne is with ice and fruit. You’ll have a light signature cocktail in soft wedding colors of pinks, blush and of course, champagne. Champagne can also be mixed with other ingredients to make different signature cocktail recipes. Do some research and be sure to taste anything you want to serve, just to make sure your guests will like it!


Martinis are a classic cocktail on it’s own so it would be perfect to add onto a wedding cocktail hour menu. These drinks are vibrant in color and quite tasty with a long list of martini recipes to choose from. Match the drink to your wedding theme color or go with something out of the box. You can’t go wrong with a martini signature drink.
Another way to spruce up the look of your signature drink is to add flag straws custom made with something as simple as monogram initials and the date of your wedding. Find decorative drink stirrers or add a flower plume, like an orchid to the drink to match the theme of the wedding. Also dust the cup rims with sugar or salt to make the drinks look extra special.

There are many signature cocktails to choose from and if you have no idea where to start, ask your friends, family, or wedding coordinator for ideas on their favorite drinks. Take a look online at wedding websites like The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings for a list and photo of popular drinks. Still not sure that the photo will taste as good as it looks? Then make a field trip out of it and take your fiancé with you to happy hour and try some of the concoctions that you think would please your wedding guests.

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Popular Wedding Colors

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

One of the most important details needed in planning a wedding is choosing the right colors for the big day. The colors you choose for your wedding will determine the color of the bridesmaid dresses down to the color of flowers in the bridal bouquet to the centerpiece gracing the guests’ tables. But with so many color options out there to choose from, where would you start?
Most brides and grooms have a favorite color and they either argue their way to have what color they choose personally or compromise. It ‘s a great start but when the wedding planning gets underway it is very easy to get distracted or frustrated when you start to see a variety of color combinations that would also look great for a wedding. Sometimes factors like the wedding venue or season will make you second guess what colors you want to choose for your wedding.
Spring and summer weddings are a great time to use bright, eye-popping colors but could they also be used for fall or winter? Depending on the wedding theme and how colors are paired, most colors could work for any season. Just because autumn colors tend to lean towards the red, orange and brown color scheme doesn’t mean those are the only colors to choose from.
As the summer wedding season starts to wind down let’s take a look at some of the fall wedding color trends of 2012.

The Pantone Fall 2012 Color Trends

Here is a look at the Pantone Fall 2012 color trend palette.  Pantone are the founders of a color matching system which follows a process of creating the best color pallets. There are a great variety of colors listed from blue, greens and orange. From this chart alone there are many ways to pair the different colors together even if it seems like tangerine and aqua would not work at all, it’s surprising when they do! But why stop at two colors? Sometimes you can even throw in a third or fourth color to add another layer of depth to the wedding color scheme. Just don’t get too carried away or else you’ll have a rainbow of colors competing with each other. Keep it clean and simple!
A great way to help you decide what color combination would suit your wedding taste is to create an inspiration board of images you find in magazines or on the web. Create an actual poster board or corkboard with magazine clippings. You can also do it on the computer and copy images to a blank document. The more items you add to your board, a pattern will emerge and hopefully you can narrow down the colors of your wedding.

Here are some fun color combinations using the Pantone color chart!

Blue and Yellow Combination

If you love the color blue (and what groom doesn’t?) pair it up with some yellow or honey gold and what you get is a combination that is understated, classic yet fun and still playful. These colors look great for every season with room to play with, for example: navy can be used in the fall and winter, and bright blues for spring and summer. Either way these colors look great together.

Tangerine Tango – Color of the Year!

Tangerine is pegged as the color of the year, not only for weddings but in the fashion world as well. This is a fabulous color for all seasons because it’s a color that can be paired with another color to be toned down or to make it pop even more! Pair the color with white and yellow can give a wedding a citrusy, summery, modern feel. Tie in some pink and purples with tangerine and you can bring out the richness and exotic ambience of the wedding atmosphere. Is the Tangerine Tango too hot for you? Then cool it down with some aqua blue, sand and titanium colors. Either way it’s a fun color that speaks volumes without trying too hard, it truly earns the color of the year designation!


Not quite green and not quite yellow but somewhere in between is a color not many are familiar with called chartreuse and it is one of the Pantone color trends for Fall 2012. It’s definitely not for people who steer clear of the color green. Chartreuse is an interesting color and surprisingly pairs well with deep colors like navy, brown, plum or eggplant, which embodies the richness of the fall season. Yet coupled with bright colors like pink, aqua and white, it can really be a cheerful color and perfect for a summer wedding.


Another great combination for an autumn wedding and wedding themes that fall into the vintage, elegant and romantic category are pink and brown, or as Pantone calls them: Rose Smoke and French Roast. These colors can be paired with any of the brighter Pantone colors to help tone them down but used on their own, they are perfect for the bride and groom who seek a neutral color that is still beautiful and very feminine. The colors call to mind images of Paris and macaroons, rose colored champagne and dark chocolate truffles or hot cocoa. These are some great colors to add to any wedding color palette or to be used alone.

Weddings are about fashion and trends and they change quickly with the seasons from dress styles to the hot color of the moment. If you know the colors you want for your wedding, you can breathe a sigh of relief. If not, then look around, check out the trends, look in magazines and scour the web, but remember that even if you settle with black and white, you can make your wedding fabulous in any color!

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Fun Wedding Save-the-Date Ideas

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

After the bride and groom sets an actual wedding date, it is their mission to get the word out as soon as possible to prepare their friends and families for the approaching event.  If family and friends live far from where the wedding will take place they need enough time to save money to attend the wedding.  It’s just a great common courtesy for the loved ones you want to have present at your big day!

So how do brides and grooms get the word out?  Well, word of mouth isn’t the safest idea, what if word got out to people who you weren’t planning to invite?  The less drama you have while planning a wedding, the better.  Posting it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media is free but it doesn’t sound like the best idea either, you don’t want to announce it to the world, just select people.

The best way to take care of announcing your wedding date before sending out your formal invitations is to start a wedding guest list and then create save-the-date announcements to send out to these select friends and family.  Etiquette requires couples send the save-the-date announcements at least four to six months from the wedding date.  Six months is a safe bet for people that have to save up money and prepare to make a trip to the wedding.

Still, what guarantees that these recipients will “save the date” in their calendars?  Usually wedding dates are months away and people tend to have short-term memories, especially when dealing with the daily grind of life.

This is where you need to come up with a great way to make your save-the-date announcements creative enough to catch your guests’ attention.

Let’s take a look at a variety of eye-catching ways to create save-the-date announcements!

Photo Session

One of the easiest and best ways to capture the attention of your guests is to take a very creative photo that can be used as the save-the-date announcement.  Have a favorite place the both of you love to go to?  A café, theater or beach maybe?  Then take a day and do a photo session.  Many couples choose to go with a professional photographer to come up with something unique but if you are creative enough, this could be an affordable DIY project.  Remember you are already hiring a professional photographer for the wedding, so don’t blow your budget over save-the-date cards! Maybe you have a friend who loves taking photos and is good enough to help you out on this project.

Come up with an interesting way to display the wedding date in the photo using props, unique locations and funny poses.  Keep it simple and fun and you are sure to grab the attention of your wedding guests.

Save the Date Postcards

Save-the-date postcards are the perfect sized announcement to send out to wedding guests.  They don’t take up much room on a refrigerator or message board if your guests decide to post it up to keep as a reminder.  The details are simple and to the point as well since the card is a smaller size.  All you can fit on the card is a photograph of your choice and the necessary information your guests needs: who, what, where, when and why.

Also, because it is a postcard, postage is cheaper than mailing out regular save-the-date cards in envelopes.  This could save the budget conscious bride and groom a penny or two.  If your guests are going to toss the save-the-date card anyway after writing the important date down on their calendar, then a postcard isn’t much trash to do away with.


Save-the-date magnets may cost more to send, but they get the job done!  Family and friends can keep the magnet on their refrigerator door to remind them of the important wedding date.  What better way to remind someone than by having them look at the magnet every day they open the fridge?  They will have no excuse for missing it!

Magnets can be ordered and bought in bulk and there are deals out there, it just requires some work in shopping around for affordable prices.  Like a regular save-the-date card, it needs to be sent in an envelope and depending on how big you make them and how heavy, the postage can cost more than expected.  Still it’s an alternative way to remind guests of the wedding date.

Pencil it in!

This idea is a fun way for guests to pencil the date into their calendar right away!  A save- the-date announcement sent with an actual pencil will definitely catch their attention.  Once more, you have to take into account the pricing for the announcement itself and the postage you would need to send out something of this size.  Shop around online for companies offering good deals or try and do it yourself.  It would be easy enough to print out an announcement from your computer and attaching a no.2 pencil to it with some tape.


If you want to try a save-the-date that is completely out of the box, why not create a video? The video can either involve the couple using their acting skills or it can be a stop-motion edited video. After creating the video, you can either send out the DVD’s by mail or send an E-vite with a link to the video. Either way, this will definitely surprise your friends and family and they surely won’t forget to remember your wedding!

These are just a few ideas that couples can play with when creating their save-the-date announcements.  Announcements can be as formal as you want them to be or as simple as the necessary wording with no photo whatsoever.  It can be as fun as silly photos of the couple or romantic as well.  There are no strict rules when creating save-the-date announcements as long as you do send them out.  Just as a courtesy to your loved ones!

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Options For Stylish Aisles

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

It’s one of the most dramatic scenes of a wedding taking place.  The crowd stands and the music starts to play as the bride is walked down the aisle by her father, her parents or by some other significant person.  She’s walking towards her future husband, to the delight, admiration and awe of everyone present to witness their big day.  It is as symbolic as it is poignant and a very important part of the wedding tradition.

Decorating the wedding ceremony aisles can encompass two different spectrums:  simple or dramatic.  If the wedding decoration budget is tight, it’s best to decide which area to spend most of the money on, wedding ceremony or wedding reception?  Truth be told most of the wedding time and money gets spent on the wedding reception since it lasts usually four to five hours as opposed to the ceremony which sometimes takes only thirty minutes.  Either way there are many ways to decorate a wedding ceremony space with a small or large budget.

Decorating the wedding aisle used to involve some sparsely thrown petals or a starch white aisle runner.  Today, wedding aisles are more elaborate in design whether the wedding is held indoors in a church or outdoors graced by nature.

Here are some great ways to decorate the infamous wedding aisle.

The White Aisle Runner

Classic and traditional, rolling out the white aisle runner never fails to signify the importance of walking down the aisle.  Aisle runners can come in different colors and to give it a real personal touch, they can be monogrammed with the bride and groom’s names or initials and date of marriage.  This idea is great for both an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Flower Arrangements

Along with aisle runners, one of the most common ways to decorate a wedding aisle is by attaching small or large flower arrangements to every pew (if the wedding is in a church) or every row of chairs.  To keep within budget, some couples have opted on decorating every other row or pew, which is fine also.

Flower arrangements can range from a single large bloom or a whole bouquet cascading to the floor.  Other options include hanging flowers in the shape of pompoms from the first chair of every row.  Another idea to consider is to use potted flowers at the foot of every row.  One great thing about using flower arrangements is that they can be used again in the reception space if they are not wilted too much.  They can be reused at the wedding reception check-in table, the dessert table or added to the couple’s sweetheart table.

Since real flowers are a big expense and never lasts long it’s a good idea to get the most use out of them.

Flower Petal Runners or Borders

Don’t want to spend more money on flower arrangements because they cost too much?  Then go with a great alternative: a flower petal runner or border for the wedding aisle.  The petals are as gorgeous as a bouquet of flowers and there are different ways to lay them down.  For a simple design have the petals strewn all over the aisle.  Don’t want all those petals trampled or caught under long hems?  Then push the petals to the side just to line the border of the aisle.  This works great if there is a fabric aisle runner set down on the floor or ground also.

A real dramatic effect is to create a pattern with the petals.  Place them in intricate lines or swirls and wow your guests with the design.  One important tip to remember is to ask the wedding venue if you are allowed to decorate with petals on the ground, because some places do not look too kindly on it or they may charge a clean up fee.

Candles and Lanterns

A beautiful and dramatic way to walk down the aisle is to have the aisle lined with candles.  The candles can be in lanterns or tall glass votives.  Candlelight casts a romantic glow and it’s hard not to get into the wedding spirit when surrounded by candles.  Candles would look great in a dimly lit church or other wedding venues with dim lighting.  For an outdoor wedding that’s taking place in sometime in the fall, this would work well since the sun goes down early enough to use the candles.

Another great thing about using props like votives and lanterns is that they can be reused in the reception space as well.  This option is great for the budget conscience wedding couple.

Branching Out

There is something mystical and magical about Manzanita branches lining a wedding aisle.  Add candles, dripping crystals, vibrant lighting and flowers to the mix and you are transported yourself into an Enchanted Forest.  This wedding aisle design option is definitely for the bridal couple who wants something both dramatic and different.

The branches can also be decorated to look like a springtime scene with cherry blossoms in bloom or spray painted white to whisk everyone away on a winter dreamscape.

Whatever you choose to do with decorating the revered wedding aisle, remember to have fun, and be creative!

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Image 5 via Koyal Wholesale

Wedding Proposal: Memories You Will Want to Keep

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Proposing to your significant other can be exhilarating, yet daunting. You don’t want to come off too cheesy, but you do want to be romantic. To accomplish this goal, choose a proposal that focuses on your beloved and your relationship together. This will be the best way to get a ‘YES and drive home how much you love them. Need a few suggestions to help get you started thinking about your proposal?

Make Sure it’s the Right Time

Prior to asking the question, talk with your partner about the prospect of getting married. The right time to propose is when you both have no doubts about the future together and you have discussed life plans involving where to live and children. Be sure there are no foreseeable road blocks to getting married. For example, if one of you is in school and wants to finish before getting married, wait to pop the question.

Don’t use a proposal to put your partner on the spot and force a split decision: it may not turn out the way you’re hoping. For your own sake, be sure the answer will be “yes” before you make the proposal.

Selecting the Engagement Ring

Choose the engagement ring that your partner really wants. If they are specific about their ring style, color and shape, either shop together ahead of time or ask them to give you some idea through websites and magazine images. This is THE ring and will have sentimental value to your partner for years, make sure it’s something they will cherish.

Keeping it a Private Affair

Most of us have seen or heard of huge, staged events in front of lots of people. These can be great for certain couples, while they are incredibly embarrassing for others.

A proposal is a very special and intimate moment between two people; both of you will share the love and connection in that moment. Fanfare and spectacle can get in the way and influence the answer. The majority of proposals are done in an intimate setting or a place special to the couple. A little romance in the moment will create a lasting, loving memory. You only get one chance to make it special.

Planning a Grand Gesture

Public proposals are generally done when a couple has a passion for something specific like a sports team; or, say, you both have devoted your lives to the Star Trek Klingon culture, you know how to say every slang word in the Klingon dictionary, and you own matching formal and casual Klingon outfits. A proposal at the next Star Trek convention is definitely in order!

Test the Waters

Try to get a feel for how your partner may react. Perhaps, unbeknownst to you, they may want a more quiet, private setting. Honor that wish, if they have it.

Prepare Yourself

Whatever you decide to do for the proposal, plan ahead and be prepared. Practice, if possible. Rehearse your lines. When the time comes, it can be harder than you think to get the words “Will you marry me?” out clearly without stuttering. There is probably so many things you’d like to say, so prepare yourself.

Need suggestions? Have the ring in a secure place where you can easily find it and make sure that any other “props” are available quickly. If other people are involved, they should be just as prepared for their role. If you’re renting a tux or dressing up, pick up the clothes and accessories ahead of time. While a staged proposal can be fun, don’t let mistakes, due to poor planning, get in the way of the true meaning.

Be Humble

When planning your big moment, don’t forget to be yourself. The act of asking your partner to marry you is an act of humility. The old fashioned tradition of getting-down-on-one-knee was an act of deference. Remember that you are asking another person to spend the rest of their life with you. Go into the proposal honestly and be honored when they accept.

The wedding proposal is one of those rare chances two people can be connected in such a loving way. It is a bond that only the two of you share and will be remembered forever. Take some time to plan this moment. The memories you create will make you and your partner smile for a lifetime!

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Make Your Wedding Reception A Night To Remember

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

As your wedding day approaches so does the nerves and anxiety. Your reception should be the part of  your wedding day to just relax and have fun with your guests without any worries. You’re married and now it’s time to celebrate! Here are a few helpful ideas to keep your guests having the time of their lives throughout the night.

Getting On The Dance Floor

There are many ways to keep the guests up and dancing on the dance floor during the reception. First thing that comes along with getting everyone out of their chairs is the music. You want to make sure you have upbeat and fun dance music so that everyone is dying to get out on the dance floor. Something that you can add to your wedding favors is to give everyone glow sticks and at a certain point in the night have them use it during a song that everyone is familiar with. This way it will get everyone to get up and dance all together because it’s something different and who doesn’t like playing with a glow stick?!

For The Bride and Groom

As the bride and groom, you have all the attention on you so why not make it worth while for you and your guests. It has become a lot more popular for the bride and groom to plan and perform a choreographed dance for their first dance. To switch it up a little add your guests into the dance. Grab them from their seats and make them dance with you on the dance floor. This not only is entertaining for the guests to watch but it’s also something fun for the bride and the groom to get excited about for the reception because no one else will know about it. Also for another idea, when choosing your music for the night make sure to include songs such as “The Cupid Shuffle” or “YMCA” because these are songs everyone knows and secretly loves. It’s easy for them to follow the steps and dance together.

Make It Special!

As a guest, there are many ways that you can add to the bride and groom’s day to make it even more special. An interesting idea for the bride and groom’s wedding reception would be for the guests to put together a flash mob. What you can do is have one of the guests choreograph a dance to a couple songs put together in a video and send it to everyone who is on the wedding list (I would recommend someone who is close family to the bride or groom so they can access their guest list). Today mostly everyone is connected either through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. so it’s simple for everyone to be able to receive the video and practice on their own. Make sure that the dance is simple so that everyone in the wedding will easily be able to learn the steps and perform it. Also don’t forget to send it out about two months before the wedding so that everyone will be able to set aside time to learn it. Before the wedding date, set a time during the night of the reception where you can play the song and have everyone join in to surprise the bride and groom. They will both be amazed by the amount of people all knowing the exact same dance and it makes for a special memory for them to keep of their loved ones doing something for them on their wedding day.

Your reception doesn’t just have to consist of cutting the wedding cake and sharing a meal with your guests, be creative and make it a night that no one wants to end!

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Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony, but didn’t get to enjoy it because you couldn’t see a thing? Think outside the box and impress your guests with unique seating arrangements that also offer a great view of that special moment!

Circular Seating

Start by elevating the bride and groom. Elevation of the platform will vary depending upon size of guest list.  Arrange rows of chairs in two semi circles so the guests are able to see the entire ceremony from different angles. If you would like to remain on the traditional side, simply straighten out the rows of chairs.

Now, let’s turn the tables. Rather than elevating the bride and the groom, elevate guests! This option requires more research, but is definitely doable.  Here are a few examples:

Amphitheatre Style Venue

This is a perfect idea for a spring to summer wedding or for couples who love the outdoors.  A Greek Amphitheatre with stone seating gives the ceremony site a unique touch and also allows for a clear view of the ceremony. Amphitheatre style seating will work in just about any outside venue. In place of stone seating, consider a simple inclined grassy hill to give guests the same effective clear view.

Stadium Style Venue

This type of seating style is similar to amphitheatre style seating, however the only difference is that it is typically indoors and ideal for a winter wedding.

Wedding ceremony seating not only applies to the arranging of seats but also to the type of seats used. Here are several examples of alternative seating:

Hay bales

If you are going for a more rustic theme, hay bales add the perfect country feel! You can always add some fabric to match your wedding colors.

Ghost chairs

For a more crystal, elegant theme, ghost chairs would look very classy. Often times you see ghost chairs being used for the sweetheart table, but it also works well as ceremony seating.


Beach weddings are perfect for the summer time. Pillows as seats give the guests a chance to kick back, relax, and enjoy that warm sand between their toes!

Personalize your ceremony with various seating arrangements that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Remember, there is no wrong or right way, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Have fun!


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Edible Wedding Favors

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Wedding favors can run the gamut from beautifully packaged candies to individually monogrammed candles.  Edible wedding favors are great because they can be packaged for each wedding guest or the guests can help themselves to as many as they want if there is, for example, a candy buffet.

Wedding guests can enjoy their edible wedding favor at the reception or wait and enjoy it at home.  Edible wedding favors are a great option to go with when planning a wedding.  Let’s take a look at five different edible wedding favors.

Cupcake Favors

Cupcakes have been “in” for a while now and it seems like a trend that is here to stay.  It’s just enough to satisfy the sweet tooth and small enough that it won’t go to waste.  Wrap a cupcake individually for each of your guests in a clear box and decorate with a ribbon and personalized sticker.  Wedding guests are sure to love this favor!

Chocolate Favors

Traditional, timeless and delicious, chocolate never goes out of style.  Package a few pieces into a simple box and place them on plate settings for each of your wedding guests. This is an elegant way to say “thank you” to your wedding guests.

Favor in a Jar

Favors that come in jars are fun and unique yet still very scrumptious.  These favors can range from honey in a jar, jam, jelly and even premade ingredients like hot cocoa or cake mix in a jar.  This is one way to get really creative with edible wedding favors and one that wedding guests will truly appreciate.

Cookie Favors

Nothing says, “I appreciate you”, like a box or bag of cookies.  Decorate the cookies to match your wedding theme or go for classic chocolate chip cookies.  It’s hard to go wrong with cookie wedding favors.

Macaron Favor

There is something delicate and feminine about macarons that really embodies the essence of a wedding.  These delightful desserts come in an assortment of flavors and colors.  Pick your macarons by your wedding colors and box them up by two or three pieces.  Present them in a pretty box and let your guests enjoy these tasty wonders.

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A Living Document: Why You Should Have a Videographer

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

I’ve worked quite a few weddings now, and out of all the elements that make a wedding so perfect (i.e dresses, food, décor, venue etc.), my very favorite has to be the videography. It is definitely a type of vendor that has only been around for several years but the demand and popularity of it is going viral. These videos give whoever is watching it the opportunity to feel as though they were actually at the wedding even if they were not, and it gives the couple a chance to re-live that special moment of their lives over and over again.

If you are trying to figure out a budget for your wedding, I highly recommend videography as something you consider and here are some reasons why!

Same-Day Edits

Not all videographers may do this option, but I’ve seen them done at some of our Planning Elegance weddings, and they are phenomenal. Most companies will shoot footage during the entire wedding day, post-edit everything at their offices, and then produce a product in a few weeks or months for the couple.  Same-Day Edit Videos do ALL that, in the same day! (Hence, Same-Day edit).  These highly skilled videographers & cinemetographers will shoot & edit within the same day, and show off their work at the reception for all guests to see what had just happened a few hours prior. The best part is, you’d think the quality might not be as good if it only took them a few hours to edit, but these master minds are able to create something beautiful in a short amount of time.

What Photos Can’t Do

Some of you may be thinking, “Well I have a photographer, isn’t that enough?” A photographer is definitely a must have at a wedding, but video is able to capture certain moments that a photo is unable to do. With a video, you can not only see your guests laughing during the best man’s speech, but you can hear it too. Or the quivering voice of the nervous groom as he’s reading his vows aloud. Looking through your wedding album can bring back memories too, but nothing beats watching the first dance and how beautiful the bride looks every time!

Different Options

Just like any other type of wedding vendor, videographers come with different types of packages. And it is mostly in the post-production work that makes each video so unique to the couple. Typically they film close to 6-8 hours of footage, and I don’t know about you, but that’d be a pretty long movie to watch! Sometimes they’ll give you all of the raw footage they’ve shot and you can either edit it yourself or have someone else edit it. Other times, they’ll do a trailer option where they highlight the best parts of your wedding into one single video that you can share with all of your friends and family. Either way, you are able to create something so incredibly spectacular that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Some of the extraordinary vendors we have worked with in the past that have produced amazing work for our clients are AA Creation , Imagique Weddings, and Impressive Creations.

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