I’m back with another article for all of our Grooms out there! You already heard about several ways you can help your fiancé out in the wedding planning process, now here is an article dedicated to just one simple task you can take on to help improve your wedding experience for your friends, families, and yourselves.

Entertainment at events has always been popular; however, it is becoming more of a trend at weddings. Brides and grooms always want their guests to have fun dancing, drinking, and eating all while being entertained at the same time. Finding entertainment for your wedding can be an easy task that can be one of the groom’s wedding duties. Entertainment such as professional dancers or singers at wedding receptions has always been trendy, however recently we have seen that cocktail hour entertainment enjoyable for guests as well. Often times now couples will have a longer cocktail hour (1.5 to 2 hours) which becomes very lengthy for some guests, however allows for them to mingle more. There is always food and drinks to entertain guests – of course grooms are in charge of the wedding’s open bar & signature cocktails, but why not add something a little extra to amuse your guests while you are busy getting ready for the reception and taking pictures? These simple cocktail hour entertainment ideas may help your wedding add that extra little touch to make it just THAT much more special & personal for you and your guests.

Cocktail hour entertainment can be broken down into two main types of entertainment for your guests. There can be mementos for guests to take home, or live entertainment for guests to enjoy and watch during the cocktail hour.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are becoming highly popular entertainment for the wedding’s cocktail hour and reception. This is something for the newlyweds as well as all their guests to enjoy. Photo booths are easy and affordable to rent for cocktail hour entertainment. Here you go grooms, this can even be a little something added to SURPRISE your bride on the day of the wedding. Although there will always be a photographer to take professional pictures throughout the entire wedding day, having a photo booth can allow your guests to take silly and goofy photos for everyone to enjoy. Many times photo booth rental companies will offer packages that allow your guests to take a copy of their pictures home as well as save one copy for the newlywed to put into an album made by the rental company. Because you and your now wife many times do not have the chance to be present at the cocktail hour, photo booths are a way for you to have an idea of how your guests are enjoying the cocktail hour. So grooms, get ready to WOW your brides with this amazing idea for entertainment!


Caricaturists are another popular entertainment idea for cocktail hours. Like the photo booth, this is a way for your guests to take something home to remember your special day. Grooms, this can also be another way you can SURPRISE your bride with a wonderful idea. These funny, exaggerated drawings amuse guests as they enjoy your cocktail hour. Many caricature artists also entertain as they draw by the creativity they show in their drawings. Grooms, hiring a caricaturist is an easy way to be part of the planning process!! You don’t necessarily have to have any type of meeting, find a good caricaturist in your area, take a look at their website, and if you like their work, then give them a call and go from there. It’s a quick simple task to help enhance the entertainment at your cocktail hour!

Our next article will feature Part 2 of this post with Live Entertainment Ideas for Cocktail Hour by yours truly, Blogger for the Groom…keep up to date with our blog for new wedding ideas, trends & tips!  Also, don’t forget to check out the Groom’s Major Wedding Duties.

- Blogger for the Groom

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