DIY – Do It Yourself is becoming a very popular mantra in the wedding industry, particularly in our current economic situation.  Although we are a wedding planning company, we do encourage couples to DIY to save money if they have time to plan their own weddings.  Although professional vendors will be able to provide you with better quality work, if an aspect of your wedding isn’t as important to you, try to cut some corners to save money.  Planning Elegance’s blog will provide you with a new tip each month to help you save some cash for your wedding.  January’s topic is DIY Save-The-Dates.

Generally, couples will send out save-the-dates to all their guests as soon as they decide on a wedding date.  Anything up to one year before the wedding is acceptable, make sure that you have time to gather addresses prior to ordering your save-the-dates.  Most people will order their invitations, save-the-dates, thank yous cards, and all their stationary items from the same company.  If you want to save money on your save-the-dates, here are some ideas from least to most expensive for DIY Save-The-Dates…

Stationary Cards

Cost: $0.52 each + printing + mailing

Target has some great stationary that you can use with your printer at home and create cards with their pre-made templates.  The majority of the templates come with envelopes that match the size and color os the stationary.  This is the easiest and quickest way to create Save-The-Dates for your wedding, so if you are planning your wedding in a tight window of time, this may be the best way to go for you.

Printable Magnets

Cost: $0.82 each + mailing

Save the Date have great templates for you to choose and personalize with or without pictures.  The variety of templates can match your personalities and likings with different fonts, colors, and pictures.  Magnets are great because sticking a reminder on the fridge will ensure that your guests cannot book a vacation or anything over your wedding date.  This is an ultra cost-saving way to have nice save-the-dates exactly how you want them!

Kodak Cards

Cost: $1.49 each + shipping & handling + mailing

You can go to the online Kodak Gallery and customize your save-the-date with their pre-designed templates.  They have a few templates and colors that you can choose from, then you upload a few pictures of you and your beau to create a personalized save-the-date card.  The cards have cute designs and are printed on great quality paper.  This is very easy and minimizes the work you have to put in to your save-the-dates.

Good luck on your DIY Save-The-Dates!  Just remember, don’t do TOO much yourself because you should enjoy your own wedding without worrying about things falling apart and being delivered on time.  Sometimes the best thing to do is allocating money to a wedding coordinator or decorator to ake a load off your back.  They will still do everything exactly the way you want it, but you can relax!

4 Responses to “DIY Save-The-Dates

  1. Henry Says:

    While the main objective is to save costs, when you handcraft certain details of your wedding, it becomes more meaningful to your guests. It means that you took the time to make those and that makes them feel special. I know I would feel that way.

  2. Amy Says:

    You’re right. I think that personally-made aspects of your wedding do ad a unique feeling to everything. Guests really do notice and appreciate these things, no matter how small of large.

  3. Devon Says:

    Hey! I made my own limited edition silk-screened save-the-dates that is 70’s rock poster inspired!
    Check it out:

  4. NYC MM Says:

    Subscribed to your weblog, thanks

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